Terms of Service

1. CYB do not work without pre-payment;
2. CYB do not work with clients whose purposes are not clear for us or give rise to doubts;
3. CYB do not work with clients who do not leave their contacts;
4. CYB do not gather information that is being protected by Ukrainian legislation. You can be limited in your ability to use the documents you received through our agents.Typically, our agents receive the necessary documents evading the confidentiality laws. They get them at their own risk. If you try to use these documents later in formal proceedings, the investigators will say that they have nothing in common with these documents and will not support you in court.
If you plan to use in court any of the documents received with our help, please discuss these plans with us before the investigation, because the additional steps may be required in order to get these documents in a manner that will allow using them later.
5. CYB do not transmit the obtained information to the third people;
6. CYB do not mislead our client as for the case prospects and do not falsify its results;
7. CYB do not cooperate with the criminal groups and structures;
8. CYB do not break and enter into private property;
9. CYB do not hack email addresses, messengers or social-media accounts;
10. CYB do not do unauthorized overhearing of telephone conversations;
11. CYB offer high quality and on time services to our clients. In case of any delay we inform our clients on the progress we are making with respect to their time;
12. CYB work kept 100 % confidential. We work on the whole territory of Ukraine except temporally occupied and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine (the Crimean peninsula and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions)


If you have any questions, please email us at – contact@checkyourbride.com