2.6 Death Record Verification



This service is necessary for you, if you provided financial support for medical treatment, funeral or wake of your bride’s relatives and have a feeling that the lady might have taken advantage of your kindness and this money was used for purposes other than intended.

Required from you

Fill in the form to provide us with the information about your Bride (what you have learnt from her in a course of your communication).
Don’t forget to mention what kind of financial support your bride received from you and what the purpose was. If you have any info about the alleged deceased persons (name, surname, age, date of death), add it too.
The more information we get from you, the quicker you will get results.


You will get an email with a detailed report in which we will confirm or deny the information, you have learnt from your bride as for her deceased relatives.
Bonus: Free-of-charge anti-scam expert conclusion based on the available information.


6-7 business days;

How to order

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  2. Fill in the form and pay for the order. You will receive an automatic payment confirmation via mail.
  3. Order fulfillment countdown starts once you get the confirmation letter from our manager. Please, mind the time zone difference.

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