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The Verification of International Passport Validity

Mr. Kelvyn D. arranged a meeting with a lady he has been trying to build a relashionship with on one of the dating portals based in Ukraine. The occasion he chose for their randezvous was special — Christmas holidays. He paid for tickets, bought presents, and, because the woman had no international passport, he was happy to cover the expenses for it too.

After getting the money transfer, the woman said the passport aquisition procedure was known to be long and complicated. But, there was a month left to the holidays, and that didn’t seem like a problem. Two weeks before the arranged trip, she wrote Kelvyn that her passport was not ready yet and that she needed more money to speed up the process.

Indeed, there are two options when it comes to receiving an international passport in Ukraine: quick (10 to 14 days) and usual (1 to 3 months). But, you have to choose which one you need at the time of application, and it cannot be changed just by paying extra later.

The lady described their Christmas dinner so vividly that our client agreed and sent the amount she asked for. But, after not getting a response from her, Kelvyn started to get an inkling that something was off.

After consulting with us, he ordered the passport verification service. Our prompt check has led to results that were unexpected to him but quite anticipated to us. We found out that not only had the lady already possessed an international passport she had also been an avid traveler.

When arranging a face-to-face date with somebody from another country (in our case, Ukraine), do not give in to your tantalizing dreams about the time you can spend together. Instead, you should keep your head cool, think it all over, and remember that you have a sure way to avoid being scammed — us.

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