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Death Record Verification

Mr. Antony M. met a lady on a free international dating site. After a bit of chatting and video calling, they met a couple of times in Ukraine and started arranging her trip to his country.

Then followed an unfortunate chain of events — her father dies unexpectedly, and after that her aunt passes away. And in both cases, the lady asks him for financial help. Our client said that the sums he had sent were quite considerable and that he had been patient and understanding.

After months of waiting, he was getting concerned about the whole situation because all the consequent attempts to talk with his lady didn’t give any results and only caused more suspicion. She kept asking for money on funeral dinners, telling him about Ukrainian customs and asked to wait a bit more. (There is a custom in Ukraine to make funeral dinners 9, 40, 182, and 365 days after the person’s death.)

After our client’s doubts and suspicion reached the “something is definitely not right here” threshold, he asked us to help him. Antony orders Death Record Verification that lets him find out that the lady has been deceiving him. Her father is alive, while her aunt doesn’t even exist.

Such a scheme is a common way of fooling well-off foreigners into sending money to “grieving” women. That doesn’t mean every lady who says her relative died lies to you. But, if you value your hard-earned money, it’s better to check that and be on the safe side.

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