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Are the Top Dating Sites in Ukraine Legitimate?

If you are in a search for a stunning bride from Ukraine, you might have already faced the problem of choosing from the huge variety of existing variants. The word “best” is being misused so frequently that has almost lost its primary meaning and former value. And we are not talking about the best Ukrainian girls but the best Ukrainian dating sites.

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Even if you’re eager to do some research on the issue, you will not find any reliable information. There is no actual number of dating sites in Ukraine. They appear and disappear uncontrollably, and no one can (and eventually don’t have such purpose) to trace them all on the Internet.

However, you can come across some articles presented in the form of experienced users’ reviews. Are they really written by ordinary people like us? Or do they look more like hidden advertising placed by premium dating sites themselves?

The latter assumption seems more plausible.

In fairness, this doesn’t mean that legitimate Ukrainian dating sites do not exist at all. They do and may boast a number of success stories. The different question is what YOU will get after the registration on one of them.

This is What We Call “the Best Ukrainian Dating Site”

As the wording leaves much to be desired, it is better to use a more suitable definition for the following list. Let’s call it “the most frequently mentioned dating sites in Ukraine,” and here they are:

  • Ukraine Date
  • Elena’s Models
  • Badoo
  • Mamba
  • Tinder
  • Happn
  • Teamo
  • Fdating

Despite the different origins, they have one common feature — the profiles of Ukrainian women in the gallery. Still, all the visually pleasing girls won’t make the choice problem easier. On the contrary, it is the worst criterion from the safety point of view.

Is There Much Difference Between Free and Paid Dating Services?

Even a quick analysis is enough to understand that “there is no free lunch in this world”. Though most of these sites and apps position themselves as free Ukrainian dating services, they all have paid options or premium membership fees. Free dating is bound by one rule – look but don’t touch! To get access to all kinds of “Super Powers,” you’ll need to purchase, subscribe, or upgrade, which in a nutshell means the same thing — you have to pay!

CYB Tip No.1

Before becoming an “honorary” member of premium dating services, you should always check their terms & conditions and privacy sections. This will give you a general idea of your expenses in the future.

In the pursuit of profit, top Russian and Ukrainian dating sites convince us that they always verify if their members are real. It sounds promising in theory, but what does it mean in practice?

To a large extent, this only means the site just asks for some sort of documents from its members for so-called verification, but it doesn’t guarantee you safety and protection from being scammed.

A real Svetlana, 45 (ID: 2257388) can easily be an undergraduate of some college with an intermediate knowledge of English and a lovely name Sergey, who just wants to earn some extra money. The site might not even be aware of this because real Svetlana does exist and has provided her personal information voluntarily. She may even have a desire to meet some noble western man, but what a pity she speaks no English and truly believes that some stranger-translator will help her to find her destiny. Are you unsure who you are chatting online with now?

CYB Tip No.2

Until you meet her, treat her like a stranger! And a little bit of food for thought:

Virtual communication causes addiction. Nobody disputes that you need time to get to know a person. But, make sure that you have a clear vision of what you are looking for. If you are just bored and need a company to kill a lonely evening — it is OK, you can choose any of the real Ukrainian dating sites and stay there for years (like many other men).

However, if you want serious relations and marriage, you should develop an action plan. Besides, recent research proves that the longer you wait, the higher the risk of having a disappointing first date. The ideal time frame between sending the first message to meeting in person is about 23 days.

CYB Tip No.3

Virtual relationships should transform into real ones ASAP. Your correspondence can’t last for months or all the more for years. When the other person shows no interest in meeting face-to-face, then it may be time to scale back your contact with them and focus on conversations with other people.

If you have any doubts, better use Advanced Background Check services of CYB. It will save you time, money, and nerves.

Your life is worth living, not just hoping and waiting!

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