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Advanced Marriage and Divorce Record Verification

For the sake of anonymity, we obviously will not disclose the names of our client, so let’s call him James Smith. James met a very good-looking Ukrainian lady on a paid international dating website. After a half-year corresponding period, they decided that it’s time for a face-to-face meeting.

In the course of their private correspondence, she told him a sob story of her utterly unsuccessful marriage, which ended with a divorce. For James, everything looked believable except that her ex-husband constantly showed up at the front door of her apartment and asked for money. By the woman’s words, he was a raging alcoholic, and she could not get rid of him that easily. That made our client suspicious, and he ordered the service of advanced marriage and divorce record verification.

During the investigation, we managed to reveal that she was not divorced but just living separately from her husband. Besides, it wasn’t her first marriage, and she had hidden the fact that all her three children had different fathers.

If a mother wants to move to a different country with her children, it might cause difficulties because, by Ukrainian legislation, it is mandatory to get permission from the child’s father before leaving the country. And that’s just one problem James could have faced if he hadn’t consulted with us first.

So be attentive, double check if something doesn’t seem right, and remember that we are always ready to help you.

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