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How to Tell If a Dating Profile Is Fake

According to Dr. Gregory House, everybody lies; the only variable is about what. His words seem perfectly suitable for describing the challenge we all have to take on, using multiple dating services or apps.

“How to spot fake online dating profiles” is one of the most frequent searches on the Internet. No wonder, as recent research has shown that on an average one in every 10 profiles is fake!

Depending on what service you are using, you are more or less likely to run into fake profiles. However, it is safe to say that almost everyone across every site lies just a little bit about themselves.

spotting a fake profile

Among users who lie in their profiles, the most common lies are height (2 inches taller), income (20% richer), photos (outdated), and sexuality (users who claim to be bisexual may be interested in only one gender).

Still, this kind of misinformation will usually be a sign of fear and insecurity of not fitting the “standards,” and it usually doesn’t do much harm to other people.

You should be more concerned about those online dating profiles, which have been created by professional scammers with the only aim to ask for money. And don’t underestimate them as they are usually excellent psychologists and experienced manipulators.

CYB examined thousands of profiles to define common features that might be an answer to our key issue: how to tell a dating profile is fake?

Primary Signs of Fake Profiles

You can see primary warning signals right at the moment you have come across this or that profile.

What are they?

1. Profile photos

Scammers will never use a profile without an alluring photo. Although many men consider photoshopped photos a sign of a fake profile, there is little sense in such a belief.

It is not a crime that a woman wants to look a little bit prettier, is it? What may call your attention is the lack of natural-looking photos — something like photos in a family circle, with friends, or with children, though this can also be explained by a desire to protect their relatives.

In any case, only professionals can find out if it is a stock photo or if it belongs to whom you’re talking to.

Try CYB service “Verification of photos” to make it clear from the very beginning. Don’t wait for other signals to appear.

2. Match age

Age undoubtedly is just a number. Nevertheless, a large age-gap (more than 20 years) is a red-flag sign of meeting a scammer. Of course, the success of a relationship depends on more significant factors than the age difference. Still, try to be logical about it. If you are in your late 50s and she is in her early 20s, you have more chances to be conned out of money than if she is closer to your generation.

CYB believe that our “Verification of the person” service can be the most helpful at the initial level of getting acquaintanted when you make first steps to know each other and want to make sure that the other person is not a product of online dating fraud.

Secondary Signs of Fake Profiles

These signs can be noticed only in the process of communication, and a single phrase or action usually does not prove that you could end as a victim of a dating scam. Pay attention to the complex of actions mentioned below.


She contacts you first on a dating service, sends photos with sexual content, and at the same time talks about pure love and honesty. She avoids direct questions about her personal life, home address, phone number, and place of employment. She addresses you by the wrong name (or the letter is not written to you at all). Your name appears only once at the beginning of the letter. She falls in love with you after only a few letters.

2.Means of communication

Here can be two ways of how the situation develops.

She may ask you to leave the dating service where you have met as soon as possible and to contact her directly via email address. Talking directly is an easy way to ask for money and not be fined by the primary site. What should you pay attention to?

Her nickname in the address. It has nothing in common with her name or surname. She changes her e-mail address during the correspondence. She doesn’t want to have phone talks or video chats with you.

No. 2
She prefers the primary online dating site and doesn’t want to leave it before meeting with you in real life. The reasons for this might be her security, bad previous experience, and translation services. That all can be a reasonable explanation only if she is not the site’s employee who earns her leaving by making you pay for every letter and each minute of chat or phone talk.

3.Money issues

This sign almost never lies. Money talks mean you are in trouble, and if you send any of that hard-earned cash, soon you will be one of those men sharing stories with “How I was scammed” titles.

fake profiles ask for money

The list of all possible money problems is huge, so let’s highlight main topics: unexpected complications, health-related or correspondence issues, and traveling expenses.

However, we do not encourage you to be petty and greedy. Refuse to send money and see if the person changes her attitude to you.

Or better order “All-inclusive Background Check” on our site to solve this problem once and for all.

CYB Keeps People Safe and Protects Their Money

With new dating apps hitting the market every week, everyone deserves to have someone to help them distinguish online dating scammers from ordinary people seeking love.

The majority of dating sites don’t run background checks on their users, so this is where CYB come in.

Our background check services give you an opportunity not only to avoid money losses but also protect you from more serious troubles like meeting former criminals or even psychopaths. You don’t need such experience on your way to love, and we are here to make this road safe.

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