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Can Dating Scams in Ukraine Be Avoided?

Women in Ukraine are truly beautiful and many men from different countries know that well. However, online dating sites those men choose to search for their love at are not always the safest way of dating. Find our what you might encounter there and how we can help.

In the past two decades, Ukrainian dating scams have become a significant part of what is known as “advanced fee” scams in the world.

Western men, attracted by beautiful women from Ukraine with traditional family values, encounter an overwhelming number of scam profiles on various Ukrainian dating services. They constantly report instances of failed dates, wasted money, and lost hopes.

online dating scams

Naturally, the question arose: Who are those Ukrainian brides milking men on the sites for money and expensive gifts?

And how is this possible in the country where 6 percent of marriages registered in 2018 are international marriages?

Most of you may suggest asking international marriage brokers about it. But they are hiding behind inspiring success stories posted on the dating sites, trying hard to convince the site users that respected (read “paid”) international marriage agencies don’t contain fake profiles and all girls are being verified during registration.

If you are a user of one of such services, you already know that men pay per minute for all their communications, and pay for each email or letter they want to send. But, do you know that the liability of such dating sites ends right at the moment when you make a decision to have a face-to-face date with a woman?

Apparently, it’s just the “love will find the way” rule that works here. They are not going to supervise your upcoming visit to Ukraine – a country where you have never been before. And if (or when??) a girl doesn’t show up, and you complain about it, they will send you a snide response. Something like, “We are extremely sorry, but the girl has changed her mind.” A rather poor business strategy, don’t you think so?

What Comes Next? Are You Really Left Alone with Your Problems Facing a Scammer?

The answer depends on two possible scenarios of continuing your journey to love and romance, and you have to choose which one is yours.

Scenario 1

You use all smart gadgets at your disposals to conduct your own investigation, which is obviously based on the experience of companions in misfortune who confronted similar challenges in communication with Russian or Ukrainian scammers.

But what assistance can a man from New York possibly provide you with? He knows nothing about local mentality, has never been to Ukraine, and his heartbreaking story is the last you need when your trust has been betrayed.

We think that such cooperation can and will end only in deleting your profiles and trying hard to erase the last days-months-years out of your life.

There is always a chance that you might have been driven crazy out of nothing. Your girl does not want to discuss her previous relations not because there is something to hide. These may be really bad memories which are better not to relive. Thus, your online love story still has a right to proceed with the marriage and happy life together.

Has such thought ever come to your mind?

our detective agency can help you

CYB Works with Established Facts Rather Than Rumour or Conjecture

Scenario 2

You select the services of CYB, and since that very moment, you are no longer alone.

Let’s take a look at two prime examples of similar situations and corresponding services that can be of great help.

Example 1:

You have met a woman of your dream and are even ready to propose to her. But all talks about marriage lead to poor excuses and reasons why you should slow things down.

So, what can it be?

Option A: She is not ready yet. It is too big of a decision, and she needs more time.

Option B: She is still married, and, more likely, getting married to you is not part of her plan.

But, you want to know for sure, don’t you? Try our “Current marital status” check or “Advanced Marriage and Divorce Record Verification,” and they will reveal the truth within 3-4 business days.

Example 2:

Here is one more vivid example of the local mentality that demonstrates how an average woman looking for happiness may become a scammer.

Many women register on the sites through so-called marriage brokers. It usually happens when the woman’s knowledge of English leaves much to be desired. Dishonest “cupids” persuade them that having underage children reduces their value on the marriage market.

The aim of dating agencies is pretty clear here. If their profiles say that women have no children or their children have reached the age of majority, this will attract more men to women’s profiles and also give an opportunity to expand their social circles.

Succumbing to the temptation of finding a husband in the nearest future, these women become trapped in a vicious cycle. They don’t even realize that this is the road to nowhere, and when the real truth comes out, they would more than likely result in a loss.

As you see, Ukrainian dating scam schemes ruin not only their reputations but also hopes for the future.

But let’s return to your matters.

No matter whether it is considered as a form of white lie or not, we think that you deserve to stay on top of things.

CYB service “Children (official entries)” will give you a complete picture of the situation.

We also want to remind you that children under the age of 18 cannot leave Ukraine without the father’s permission. This may cause certain complications in case of moving to your country.

Besides, a lady who is ready to abandon her kids in the pursuit of own happiness would hardly be a good match. History knows many cautionary tales of such individuals simply using foreign men as a springboard for a better life. What’s love got to do with it?

Ukrainian Bride Scam as a Phenomenon Does Not Characterize Local Women in General

Plato said: “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” The point of this quote remains relevant.

However, this proves once again that you should fight for your love as for some Ukrainian lady you may become the whole world.

Be careful, brave, and persistent!

And pick CYB as the assistant!

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