The Best Background Check for Online Dating in Ukraine

Check Your Bride — Cover Your Back!

“After a year of communication on the site, she is still not ready for a real date. Maybe she has somebody? Can you check it?”

“This will be my third visit to your country (different cities), and after previous two times which ended up with nothing — the girls simply haven’t appeared on a date — I need some kind of guarantee that this time is for real. What can be done about it?”

“I have sent $2000 to my Ukrainian girl-friend so that she could apply for a foreign passport and buy tickets, but she needs even more money and time. What’s the problem? Can you find out if there are any reasons for such a delay?”

“I met a girl on a dating website. She is amazing, but all I know is her name. This site is costly, and I can’t afford it anymore. I’d better spend some extra on a trip from the United States to Ukraine. But she says she can give me her personal information only during our meeting. I feel like I am being scammed. Is it possible for you to help me?”

We get such emails every day, and it is sad to admit their number has doubled during the last two years. How often do similar thoughts pop up in your head? Do you feel anxiety, uncertainty, mistrust, and suspicion talking to your Ukrainian woman? Is this what you have been dreaming of, registering on an international dating site?

We bet it’s not.

You have probably imagined a peaceful, happy family life with a pretty Slavic wife, but now you are a hostage of a situation and don’t know what to do next.

Your Priority in Online Dating Matters

When it comes to romantic relations, we all are more sensitive and vulnerable than in any other situations. It may seem that with the advent of social networks and online dating sites and apps, the process of building a perfect relationship has become much easier.

But is it really so?

Well, yes and no. It depends on what exactly the perfect relationship means for you. If all you want is to expand your social circle, date without commitment, and just have fun, then simple google search will lead you to your goal with little effort. But, if you are looking for a lifetime partner and real love, you should be ready to meet a number of difficulties you probably have never faced before. The Internet can give you numerous disappointing experiences of men who spend thousands of dollars on communication and end up with nothing but regret and frustration.

Who or what is to blame?

Distance? Differences in culture and mentality? Language issues? Lack of information? We believe that the main reason why scammers still have a chance to take advantage of you is misplaced priorities. You may worry about millions of things like age difference, your future meeting, and how to impress her during it. But the first thing you should worry about is your SAFETY!

Let’ say you have met a stunning lady on a dating site. And, after a few weeks or months of amazing conversations, you are planning to fly to Ukraine and make this real for both of you. Are you sure that this is going to be a so-long-awaited meeting for both of you?

“No matter where exactly you have met — on a respected and expensive site or some free resources, there is no guarantee that you will actually meet.”

How to Protect Yourself if Your Date Is Half a World Away?

If the woman lived in the same city or at least in the same country, you could try to find out more by using one of the local services that do a background check online. It may be a pretty easy and cheap but not always effective way to get the needed records. There’s also the beaten path of hiring a private investigator, although it may cost you a fortune.

But the main problem is how to do this in a faraway country with completely different laws and rules?

Don’t panic!

You are not alone. When you are confused like that, you need cool-headed professionals with pure hearts who know what to do.

And in Ukraine, you have us —!

You need a dating background check by CYB to:

  • Cover your back.
  • Protect your money and heart from being broken.
  • Make sure your date is right for you.
  • Save your love to a genuine Ukrainian lady.
  • Let the perfect relationship come into your life.

You can use our services at any stage of communication with your lady, with the lowest financial investments, and in the shortest terms.

Good people deserve TRUE love!



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Within a maximum of 10 days, you will know what to do next — get ready for a wedding or continue your search.


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