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When it comes to romantic relations, people are more sensitive and vulnerable than in any other situations. No one wants to be broken-hearted and deceived, especially when you have already had a bad marriage (or romance) experience. In addition to that, the distance between you and your future bride might be counted in thousands of miles, which does not make all the process easier.

You have met a stunning lady on a dating site. And, after a few weeks or months of amazing conversations, you are planning to fly to Ukraine and make this real for both of you. Are you sure that this is going to be a so-long-awaited meeting for both of you?

“No matter where exactly you have met — on a respected and expensive site or on some free resources, there is no guarantee that you will actually meet.”

In the past years, this has become a growing tendency. The Internet can give you numerous disappointing experiences of men that spend thousands of dollars on communication and are usually left with nothing but regret and frustration.

Our aim is to help you at any stage of communication with your lady, with the lowest financial investments, and in the shortest terms.

You need our agents to:

  • Cover your back
  • Protect your money
  • Save your love to a genuine Ukrainian lady!

Good people deserve TRUE love!


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Speed of fulfillment

A 5-year experience of checking brides on the territory of Ukraine let us work 3 times faster than any local detective agency.

Transparent payment

You do not have to wait until a manager clears up the prices.

You do not pay for our work hourly.

You see fixed prices and can count all the investments beforehand.

Clear time frames

You know when you’ll get results.

The terms are listed in the services.

Effective solution

Within a maximum of 10 days, you will know what to do next — get ready for a wedding or continue your search.


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